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Katherine Lyman, MD

    Education & Training

  • BA – Brigham Young University
  • AM – Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • MD – Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Psychiatry Internship – University of California, Los Angeles—Kern Medical Center
  • Psychiatry Residency – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Research Summary

My research focuses on molecular mechanisms underlying circadian and seasonal changes in the brains of people with mood and psychotic disorders. We study gene expression in human postmortem brain tissue and examine how gene expression fluctuates rhythmically, both on a daily cycle and throughout the seasons of the year. We examine differences in these rhythmic patterns between healthy subjects and those with psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Career Goals

I am working toward a career as a physician-scientist in an academic setting. I want to develop a skillset for conducting independent research around circadian and seasonal rhythms, and develop new ways of understanding the role of these rhythms in psychiatric illness.