Vira I. Heinz Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Research Focus:
  • Viral replication and pathogenesis
  • Reovirus and celiac disease
  • Vaccine development
Chief, UPMC Newborn Medicine Program
Research Focus:
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Platelet Function and Pharmacology
  • Analysis of Platelet Function and MicroRNA-mRNA Profiles in Neonatal Cardiac Patients
  • Bayer Phase I/II clinical study on the safety, efficacy, PK, and PD of oral rivaroxaban for catheter-related thrombosis in neonates
  • Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation of Protein Kinase Inhibitors on Platelet Function
  • Precision Medicine in the Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders in Neonates
Director, Center for Innovative Antimicrobial Therapy
Research Focus:

Mechanism of antimicrobial resistance in Gram-negative bacteria

Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research Focus:

Reinforcement learning; Decision-making in suicidal behavior; Borderline personality disorder

Chief, Division of Lung Transplant/Lung Failure
Research Focus:
  • Molecular mechanisms of non-small cell lung cancer tumorigenesis
  • Novel therapeutics for non-small cell lung cancer
  • Micrometastases and their potential biological significance in non-small cell lung cancer
  • Bronchial artery infusion of chemotherapeutic agents as a novel therapy for lung cancer