Shawn Loder, MD

Education & Training

  • Dartmouth University – BA
  • University of Michigan – MD
  • UPMC - Plastic Surgery Residency

Research Summary

My primary research interest is in epimorphic regeneration, specifically in how we might apply our current understanding of wound healing, stem cell biology, and developmental biology to advancing digit and limb regrowth. Secondarily, I am interested in exploring the role of age and age-related processes in the wound healing with a goal of therapeutically intervening on the wound environment to minimize the pathologic effects of old age on healing.

Career Goals

My goal is to develop a practice where I can provide quality care to my patients and pursue research to push back the boundaries of what I can offer them in the future. For me, this means research into wound healing – combining the fields of regenerative medicine and developmental biology to advance the study of digit and limb regrowth. Ultimately, I would like to see the advances made in the laboratory used to help my patients directly and provide a level of recovery after trauma, beyond anything we are capable of now.